Lingerie D'Elia
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Lingerie D’Elia opened its doors in 1983,a short distance from the beautiful Spanish Steps,in the heart of Rome.

The shop was a dream come true for the two sisters – Rosa and Carmen - who had just arrived from Argentina. Their passion was to create a range of lingerie using only the finest materials and the most traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Thirty years on and Lingerie D’Elia remains something of a hidden treasure providing exquisite hand crafted garments to Italian society and a list of devoted international clients.

Connoisseurs of lingerie have known of Lingerie D’Elia’s existence for many years. However with a new generation of family members involved in the business, headed by Loredana Tarsia, this new and exciting platform has been created to make the luxurious world of Lingerie D’Elia so much more accessible.

Every garment has been designed to capture the essence of what it is to be a woman. In such a hectic and busy world, these garments give women the opportunity to step away from it all just for a moment.

To feel elegant
To feel passionate
To feel seductive.

Lingerie D’Elia, designed by women for women.